Amended 4/13/00


March 21, 2000


Members Present: Jean McDonald, Calvin Lynch, Paul Pratt, Thomas Minter and

Mike Severino

Members Absent: None

Others Present: Darnell Earley, Jerry Ambrose, Harold Hailey, Mary Stid, Roger Fleming,

Dan Reinecke, Wallace Juall, Bob Godbold, Jay Donaldson, Pat Lindemann, Bob Moore, John Pearson, Joe Guenther, Peter Houk, Mark

Grebner, Becky Bennett, Bruce Bragg, George Vernon, Dave Stoker,

Wilson Caldwell, Pat Sonnenberg, Chuck Grey, William Bell, Garry Rowe, Carla Close, Ron Eggleston, Dennis Probst, Bruce Hunting,

Nyla Tillman, Jane Anderson, Judy Hood, Richard Carlson, Janice

Carlson, Bill Rye, Eileen Rockel and others

The meeting was called to order by Chairperson McDonald at 5:32 p.m. in the Personnel Conference Room of the Human Services Building, 5303 South Cedar, Lansing.

Approval of the March 7, and March 14, 2000 Minutes


Additions to the Agenda

3a. Additional Information

5. Letters from the Public regarding Park User Fees

6e. Amended Resolution

7b. Amended - Contract Period Changed to One Year

7c. Resolution Authorizing Entering Into a Contract with Moore's Security Services, Inc. - Pulled from the Agenda

7d. Resolution Caption to be Changed - It was not introduced by the Law & Courts Committee

Limited Public Comment: None

1. Advisory Board/Commission Presentations

a. Equal Opportunity Committee Annual Report - Distributed at Board meeting

Mr. Caldwell stated the EOC has been working with the Human Resources Department and the unions to develop a good working relationship. Goals for next year include gaining access to the infrastructure of the County's hiring process and to continue to increase and improve as more knowledge of the process is obtained. The EOC will look to Human Resources for guidance in this area. EOC would like to help identify and make an assessment of any barrier to the hiring of minorities and measure the progress of hiring women and minorities. Mr. Caldwell also stated another goal is to work with Department Heads and elected officials on the use of special assignments and/or task force participation to cultivate and foster skills and abilities of employees.

Mr. Reinecki stated that during the past ten months he has seen the growth of the relationship between the EOC and the Department Heads. EOC has met with most of the Department Heads. He further stated EOC wants to increase the public's awareness of the Commission. Mr. Reinecki explained that the EOC has been reviewing the issue of ethnic and religious holidays. The number of those days have been narrowed from 180 days to 25 -30 days. The EOC will make recommendations to this Committee on this matter in the near future.

Mr. Hailey stated the Human Resources Department welcomes the opportunity to work with the EOC. Human Resources sees the EOC as a vehicle to assist in achieving the County's objectives. The working relationship with the EOC has and will continue to improve.

Chairperson McDonald stated she is proud that this County was a leader in implementing the Equal Opportunity Commission.

b. Economic Development Corporation

Mr. Guenther stated the phase out of the Department of Development was completed in 1999. A Strategic Plan was approved by the Economic Development Corporation Steering Committee and the Board of Commissioners. The two-year process was culminated with the hiring of the Economic Development Coordinator and Economic Development Specialist. John Pearson is the Development Coordinator. Mr. Pearson works to build a cooperative effort with the communities.

Mr. Pearson explained the EDC has been busy rebuilding the office and its databases. The EDC has maintained contracts with communities throughout the County to provide technical services. Close working relationships have been developed with regional organizations. The Board of Commissioners approved a Resolution to jointly fund a Business Retention Contractor with the Lansing EDC. Negotiations commenced and the program is scheduled to begin the first quarter of 2000. Mr. Pearson reviewed the major developments in the County this year.

Mr. Earley explained that a floor plan for the new office space has been developed. The office space will be divided between the EDC and the Community Corrections Advisory Board. The reconfiguration should be completed in approximately one week. This is the final phase of the reorganizational plan.

Chairperson McDonald stated Mr. Pearson has been busy visiting people from the out-county areas to reassure them that the County does want to stay in the EDC business.

c. Environmental Affairs Commission

Mr. Warbach distributed a copy of the Resolution which established the EAC in 1995. The EAC's mission is to help the County manage properties in an environmentally sensitive manner. The EAC established guidelines in 1999 for the review of County properties. The guidelines were approved by this Committee and the Board. Site visits to several County properties were made for the purpose of an environmental evaluation. The EAC will continue to visit County properties in the year 2000 and will also provide comment on environmental issues facing County property managers.

Comm. Minter stated he has been impressed that the EAC has been visiting many sites to discuss environmental issues. The EAC holds meetings as various locations. The EAC is a very worthwhile Commission.

Mr. Earley stated he will try to keep this Committee apprised of the Commissions to be scheduled for the next meeting. If the Commissioners have any questions, they should be submitted to Mr. Earley. He will forward the questions to the Commissions in order for them to prepare a response for the Committee meeting. The Road Commission has invited this Committee to hold its next meeting at the Road Commission facility. The next three presentations will be the Road Commission, Housing Commission and the Capital Region Airport Authority.

2. Drain Commissioner - Discussion Regarding the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality's Request for a Site Closure Plan

Mr. Lindemann explained that in 1957 arsenic was used to kill the weeds in Lake Lansing (Lake). The County Board authorized the dredging of the Lake in 1976. The dredging began in 1979. Arsenic levels were found in the spoils from the Lake in 1979. Surrounding area wells showed arsenic levels in 1984. Advisory warnings were issued on the wells in 1985. The State put the Lake and the sediment sites on the 307 list (list of contaminated sites) in September 1985. The Drain Office received a letter from the State in 1999 which stated the County must now address the soil sites. Mr. Lindemann used a map to show where the soil sites were located around the Lake. Staff from the Drain Office and Health Department walked the sites and have proposed recommendations to address those sites.

Closing the site will involve three phases. Phase one can be done in-house. The Drain Office recommends that the Health Department and the Drain Office be charged by the Board to conduct phase one. Equipment will have to be purchased to conduct some of the measurements. Extra wells will have to be drilled around the site and the spoil site history will have to be assembled. The Drain Office and Health Department's recommendation to the Board is to conduct phase one in-house. The authorization would be submitted to the DEQ. Upon the DEQ's approval, phase one will begin. A report regarding phase two will be submitted to this Committee at a later date as those recommendations have not been developed.

Mr. Lindemann stated it is very possible that the spoil testing will not reveal anything wrong. If this is the case, the sites will then be closed. The Parks Department has recommendations for the use of the sites. He also explained that his Office and the Health Department do not believe it is necessary for the County to hire an outside consultant to conduct phase one. Testing of the dykes may require the hiring of an engineer. Phase one should be inexpensive. A resolution authorizing phase one will be submitted at the next Committee meeting.

In response to Comm. Lynch, Mr. Lindemann stated if the sites are contaminated, they will have to be capped. The cost of phase one will be $5,000 to $10,000. Mr. Earley stated a "not to exceed" figure should be included in the resolution.

3. MIS Department

a. Resolution Authorizing Entering into a Contract with Applied Legal Technologies, Inc. for Courtroom Technology Consulting Services for the Combined Courts Facility

In response to Comm. Severino, Mr. Ambrose explained the agreement between the County and the City provides that the County will be responsible for the technology. The cost of the infrastructure will be shared between the County and City.

Mr. Donaldson stated to Comm. Lynch that the technology will have the capacity to be upgraded in the future. In response to Comm. Pratt's question regarding broad band service, Mr. Donaldson explained that the infrastructure for broad band service will be included in the technology. However, it has not been determined if money will be available to provide that service. Mr. Ambrose explained to Comm. Minter that the very basic required technology will be in the courtrooms.

Comm. Pratt stated recommendations regarding the technology should be carefully documented. Mr. Donaldson stated that in addition to the documentation, the MIS Department is working closely with the architect.

In response to Comm. Minter, Judge Houk stated he was very comfortable with the presentation for phase one. He will present the phase one presentation to the County Bar Association tomorrow afternoon. Judge Houk further stated tonight's 11 o'clock news will include a story on the remote video equipment which is located in his courtroom.


b. Resolution Authorizing Entering Into a Contract with Forsberg Multimedia Corporation for Technology Consulting on Web Enable Pages for the Clerk and

Register of Deeds Vital Records

Comm. Minter stated his concern that this system already requires an additional expense of $65,000. Mr. Donaldson explained that the current system does not have a Web enabled front end. The Clerk's Office and the Register of Deeds Office require a Web enabled system. He also explained that if this item is approved, the County and Forsberg Multimedia Corporation will jointly market the software to 11 other counties in the State in an effort to recover the $65,000 expense. Comm. Minter explained his concern that the system should have anticipated the type of futuristic considerations which are being used in the new courts facility. He also stated he was upset that this matter was not foreseen during the planning for the system and that the funds were not budgeted for the Web system. The Committee continued their discussion of this matter.


4. Greater Lansing Convention & Visitors Bureau - 1999 Annual Report/2000 Marketing Plan

Mr. Earley stated he advised Mr. Galyon that his report would be on tonight's agenda and if the Committee had any concerns, he would be requested to appear before this Committee at a future meeting. Comm. Pratt stated he previously recommended to Mr. Galyon that he appear before this Committee at a future meeting. He also explained the current numbers are not impressive and they are getting worse.

Mr. Earley will send a formal request to appear before this Committee to Mr. Galyon to address the Committee's concerns regarding the Annual Report.

Comm. Severino stated that due to the low numbers, the Board should consider redirecting some of the C&VB revenue.

5. Parks Department - Discussion on Proposed Entrance Fees at County Parks

Chairperson McDonald explained that the Board placed into this years budget a revenue of approximately $97,000 in park fees. The Parks Board was to discuss the issue of park fees and make recommendations to this Committee. The operation of Hawk Island Park will cost an additional $400,000+. Members of the Parks Board are here tonight to hear viewpoints from the public and this Committee regarding this issue. The Parks Board will make recommendations to this Committee next month. No decisions on this matter will be made during this meeting.

Mr. Moore explained that his memorandum of March 14 indicates several options being considered by the Parks Board. Chairperson McDonald listed the options contained in the memo.

Ms. Jane Anderson, 806 Grovenburg Road, explained that residents near Birchfield Park were continually replacing their mailboxes and cleaning trash from their yards until the $2 entrance fee was instituted. The fee has been very successful in limiting the unruly visitors to the Park. Ms. Anderson encouraged the Committee to keep the $2 fee. However, she is concerned regarding the proposed fees for walk-in visitors and bikers. The fee will penalize the area children.

Mr. Moore stated the Parks Board has not considered instituting a walk-in charge at Birchfield Park. The Board has considered the walk-in fee at Lake Lansing Park South due to the amount of cars which are parked in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Mr. William Bell stated he uses Birchfield Park extensively. He questioned how the County will charge admission at that Park and break even due to the three entrances. Currently, the $2 fee is collected at the main entrance.

In response to Comm. Severino, Mr. Moore stated it will be up to this Committee to decide if a walk-in fee will be charged at Birchfield Park.

Ms. Pat Sonnenberg, Holt Road, stated she uses Birchfield Park extensively. She asked if she could park her car on Grovenburg Road and then walk into the Park. Mr. Moore stated the "no parking" signs on that road were taken down several years ago.

Ms. Judy Hood, Bath, stated the Committee should review their mission statement. She also stated her concern that tonight was the first time the public was informed of this matter. There is a quality of life issue at hand. Many people visit the park for short periods of time. It would be unfair to charge for short visits and to charge poor people to use the parks.

Mr. Bruce Hunting stated charging the public to enter the parks is not a good option in terms of public relations. He further stated he is sure the Committee can be creative with financing and develop an alternative way to maintain the excellent quality of the County Parks. Many people from Meridian Township have donated money and time to the playground at Lake Lansing Park.

Mr. Richard Carlson, Mason, stated the parks were built for families. Tax dollars are used to support the parks.

Ms. Eileen Rockel, Nichols Road, stated her family enjoys using the Riverbend Nature Area. The Area is used by many of the area residents. Non-profit training sessions are held in this Area. If a fee is instituted, the training sessions will have to be held at a different location. Ms. Rockel also stated she wonders if the County should have built Hawk Island Park if money was an issue.

Chairperson McDonald asked for a show of hands from the public of those who oppose any type of fee at the County parks. Most of the public raised their hands. Some of the people indicated they would support fees at some parks. She also asked for positive input for alternatives to raising funds to maintain the parks. Comm. Severino stated his objection to this request since the public was not responsible for the current situation. It is the County's responsibility to solve this issue in a responsible manner.

Mr. Grey asked if the Parks Board has considered a park permit to be used at any of the County Parks. This option would decrease the amount of funds coming from the contingency fund to maintain the parks.

Mr. John Veenstra, Haslett, stated the County should only charge user fees at the major parks. A fee should not be charged for walk-ins or bikers at any park. The volume of visitors at the low intensive parks is not high enough to be feasible to collect a fee. An entrance fee should also only be charged on high volume summer weekends. Charging an entrance fee at all parks would create a barrier to the poor. Mr. Veenstra also stated it would be an incredible waste of money to charge entrance fees at all of the County parks. Not charging an entrance fee for poor people should be done on the honor system. Mr. Veenstra asked if the Committee could find $97,000 in the County's $150 million budget to maintain the parks and not charge a user fee. He also spoke about raising property taxes to avoid the user fees.

Mr. Warbach encouraged free and open access to the County parks where possible. If an entrance fee is charged at Lake Lansing Park South, he stated he hopes people will not be able to park in the neighborhoods. User fees from each park should be used at the park where the fee was collected.

Ms. Louanne Maznor, Meridian Township, stated the Meridian Township Board opposes implementation of entrance fees at Lake Lansing North and South Parks. A resolution from the Township Board has been adopted which urges the non-implementation of entrance fees. The Township donated $15,000 in 1997 to build the playground on the beach. The Lake Lansing Parks serve as neighborhood parks. Many of the Park neighbors live in low-income and subsidized housing. An entrance fee could potentially restrict the neighbors from using the Parks.

Comm. Grebner suggested some possible options regarding user fees. He explained that during the past few years, the County has been trying to improve the Parks service to the County. If an entrance fee is levied, it should be constructed to maximize the efficient use of the parks. Fees should not be charged on days of low usage. The best time to charge the fee would be during very heavy usage and when there is already a capacity problem. The fee would discourage use at the highest use periods. This would encourage the public to use the parks during less popular times. The fee should be limited to the first weekend in June until the last weekend in August. Entrance would be free Monday through Friday. If a weekday is a holiday, the Parks Board should decide in advance if there is sufficient use on the holiday to institute a fee. The entrance fees should be limited to parks with very heavy use. Those parks would be Birchfield, Hawk Island and Lake Lansing Park South.

Charging fees only on Saturdays and Sundays would reduce the actual cost of collecting the fees by 80%. A walk-in fee should be established only at Lake Lansing South with the sole goal of preventing parking problems in Haslsett.

Comm. Grebner also suggested that an annual fee should not cost more than $12. Walk-in fees should be charged for people 16 years old and older. The County should consider if the park is a sufficient impact on adjacent property owners that those owners should be offered a free pass. The rule for allowing low income people free admission to the park should be greatly simplified. Low income people could be invited to fill out a one page form at the park entrance. The form would require the person to specify which low income program they belong. The person would be allowed in the park free the day they fill out the form and then a free pass would be mailed.

Comm. Juall stated Comm. Grebnerner's statements regarding the park fee structure were confusing and cumbersome.

Mr. Eggleston, Parks Board Director, thanked the public for their comments on this matter. He stated he would like to see opportunities for voluntary donations to the parks. The park fees would not be instituted to alienate the public. The fees would be used to ensure the quality of the County Parks. The Parks Board will consider the information shared tonight and develop recommendations. The recommendations would be presented to this Committee at the May 2 meeting. The Parks Board's next meeting is scheduled for March 27 at 7:00 p.m. in Conference Room B or C of the Human Services Building.

Ms. Delores Matthews stated she would not support an additional millage to maintain the parks.

Chairperson McDonald encouraged the public to keep in contact with the County regarding the fee issue.

(The Committee had a five minute recess from 7:21 to 7:26)

8. Other

f. Letter and Attachment from Cox & Associates, PLC Regarding the Village of

Webberville Annexation

h. Notice of Detachment to Remove Property Outside the Corporate Limits of the

Village of Webberville

Mr. Stoker explained that items f and h involve property in the same general vicinity. A property owner has requested the property to be moved out of the Village. The Village is asking to have surrounding property moved into the Village.

The Statute regarding moving property into the Village requires notification. The Village's request cannot be considered before April 25. Mr. Stoker stated it would make sense to deal with all of the property at the same time. Both items will be set for this Committee's May 2 meeting. The petitioner's attorney and the Halls are agreeable to this arrangement. They will also try to work to resolve this matter before it comes before this Committee.

b. Letter from the Ingham County Controller Regarding a FOIA Request from the

Lansing State Journal

In response to Comm. Pratt, Mr. Stoker explained the Prosecutor's Office notified him that they feel the request would no longer interfere with their investigation. A recommendation has been made to forward the information.


6. Human Resources Department

a. Resolution to Adjust the Parks Department Seasonal Employee Wage Schedule Beginning Summer Season 2000

b. Request for Unpaid Leave of Absence - Attachment

f. Resolution Approving Amendment Agreements Between Ingham County, the Thirtieth Judicial Circuit Court, the Fifty-Fifth Judicial District Court and the Ingham County Employees' Association, Local 30 - Court Professionals and Local 33 - County Professionals

7. Purchasing & Properties Department

d. Resolution Authorizing Entering into a Contract with Culligan Water Conditioning, Inc. for the Complete Installation of a New Water Conditioning System at the Ingham County Correctional Facility

8. Other

c. Letter and Attachments from Meridian Township Regarding Outdoor Gathering Permit Applications for the VFW National Home for Children's Midway Carnival Rides and Games to Be Held May 23rd Through May 30th

d. Resolution from Meridian Township Urging the Non-implementation of User Fees at Ingham County Parks

e. Resolution from Berrien County Opposing Legislative Action Which Would Allow Non-Residents the Right to Vote on Tax Issue as Proposed By Senate Joint Resolution 1

g. Letter and Attachments from the Woodland Indian Community Center Concerning a Proposal for a Woodland Indian Cultural Center Dance by the Riverbank Traditional Pow Wow



6. Human Resources Department

c. Resolution Approving the FOP/Animal Control Collective Bargaining Agreement

In response to Comm. Severino, Mr. Hailey explained the Human Resources Department has proposed to the bargaining units that they exclude Columbus Day and Good Friday from their list of paid holidays. The request to eliminate Columbus Day was made because most public employers do not have that day off as a holiday. It is awkward for the County to be closed when all other public employers are working. In exchange for that day, the union accepted eight additional vacation bonus hours. The union would not agree to give up Good Friday due to religious reasons.


d. Resolution Authorizing Implementation of the Managerial/Confidential Job Evaluation Study

Chairperson McDonald stated the Steering Committee spent many hours discussing the Study and that a public hearing was also held. Mr. Rye was requested to check into four specific issues. Mr. Ambrose stated the four issues were the classification levels of the Animal Control Director, the Deputy Animal Control Director, Senior Budget Analyst and the Chief Deputy Register of Deeds. Mr. Rye reviewed those matters and his recommendation was to adjust the level of the Senior Budget Analyst and the Deputy Animal Control Director. He did not adjust the two remaining issues.

In response to Comm. Lynch, Mr. Rye explained the Deputy Register of Deeds position was rated on two factors, experience required and supervision. The experience required is based on the County's job description. Supervision is based on the number of employees in the department. The labor market data clearly has the Chief Deputies, the Clerk and Treasurer at a higher level than the Deputy Register of Deeds. Some counties have chosen to pay the chief deputies at the same rate of pay by matter of policy. This is an option for this County. The target maximum pay range for level 9 is $48,580. The target maximum pay range for level 10 is $53,125. Comm. Lynch stated his concern that the Deputy Register of Deeds has historically been paid less.

Comm. Pratt requested Mr. Fleming to address the issue regarding the Animal Control Office. Mr. Rye stated the Study gave credit for having a Bachelor's Degree, without the five years of experience. The point total left the Animal Control Director pay grade at 11.

Mr. Fleming stated he would not gain personally or financially regarding this issue. Approximately five years ago, Mr. Spyke sought to raise the pay level of the Animal Control Director to its current level. This Committee approved the request based on the understanding of the nature of the Director in Ingham County versus other counties. An independent department head which administers a one million budget speaks for itself in terms of the type of qualifications needed to assume that position. The Animal Control Director administers three labor contracts and disciplines employees. A person with less than five years of work experience would not be qualified to assume this position.

The proposed starting pay grade would lower the pay of the Director. Mr. Fleming requested that the current pay schedule be maintained. The current job description for Animal Control Director requires three years of management experience. The proposed description requires four years of work experience. It does not require any management experience. Mr. Fleming requested the Committee to change the minimum experience to six years. Three of the six years should be management experience.

Chairperson McDonald spoke as a member of the Steering Committee. She stated she supported the Committee's decision. Many hours were spent on discussing the four issues. Chairperson McDonald urged this Committee to support the decisions of the Steering Committee. Mr. Hailey explained that the Steering Committee struggled with the Animal Control Director issue. Usually with advanced degrees, less experience is required. The Committee further discussed this issue. Mr. Ambrose stated Mr. Rye believes the position at issue was appropriately characterized. Mr. Rye explained that there are trade offs between the education and experience requirements.

Mr. Bragg stated the Study recreates external equity. Important positions in the Health Department were also red lined. If a new definition is created for Animal Control Director, then the same should be done for some of the Health Department's red lined positions.

Mr. Rye explained that the Animal Control Director in this County is paid 24% over the median of the other counties. Chairperson McDonald stated the Steering Committee considered the Board's high priority it places on the position of Animal Control Director. Being out of balance with the labor market in other counties was a deliberate choice of the Board.

Mr. Grey stated Mr. Rye's firm was hired to conduct this Study when initial data was not in favor of hiring the same consultant who was used for the previous Study. The data was manipulated. Data from the Managerial/Confidential Study was approximately 11% over the median range. The TOPS Study came to approximately 3% over the median range. The Study then compared eight counties instead of the 12 counties used in the previous Study. The four smaller counties were removed from consideration. The Study indicates the Managerials are approximately 1% over the median range and the TOPS employees met the median range. The Rye Study showed 16 classifications have already been paid at the median range. Those 16 classifications were upgraded which placed them as much as $12,000 over the median.

Mr. Grey stated the union has worked very hard with management and the health coalition over the past three years in an effort to hold down the cost of health care. In 1997, the cost savings were approximately $30,940 per month. The cost savings in 1998 was over $39,000 and the savings in 1999 was over $45,000 per month. Mr. Grey asked how the Steering Committee could justify considering raising the pay for approximately 17 managers. The TOPS employees waited over 25 years to have an overall job study conducted. The management positions were last evaluated seven years ago. Mr. Grey stated he hopes this Committee seriously considers this information before voting on the issue.

Ms. Sonnenberg, a UAW member and County employee in the Child Health Clinic, stated she has worked for the County for 13 years. She stated she has very emotional feelings about the results of the Study. Many UAW employees also feel strongly about this issue. The UAW Study recommended a smaller increase than the recommended increase for the managerial employees. Ms. Sonnenberg spoke regarding the implications of the UAW Study on her position. She asked this Committee to consider the fairness of the two studies.

Ms. Matthews stated she is proud to work for Ingham County. However, the Study appears to be unfair. The managers were reviewed differently than the employees.

Mr. Vernon stated that any pay increases which resulted from the previous Study were retroactive. This Study does not indicate that any pay increases will be retroactive. Management was not informed of this issue. The managers received the initial information packet and attended the informational meeting which was held in February. Managers did not receive any further communications regarding this Study.

In response to Judge Houk, Ms. Newman stated 18 or 19 positions were redlined in this Study.

Comm. Pratt stated Mr. Hailey's memorandum, dated March 10, states "In considering this data, one might say that the County has done better at keeping the TOPS classifications comparable to the labor market than with the Managers and Confidentials." Mr. Rye stated he would provide further information regarding this matter.


Chairperson McDonald stated she was disappointed that this Committee could not discuss this matter further. Every department received a copy of the Study results. Mr. Hailey stated that Mr. Grey and the bargaining team were specifically offered access to the Study booklet. In response to Mr. Grey, Chairperson McDonald stated the Study results have been available for approximately six weeks.

Comm. Pratt stated his specific issue regards the fairness of the Study. It is the employees' perception that the County is increasing the managers' pay more than the union employees. More time is needed to hear the concerns of everyone.

Comm. Lynch requested a written response regarding the union's concerns. The union employees have stated they did not receive copies of the Study. In response to Comm. Lynch, Chairperson McDonald stated that informational hearings have been held regarding the Study.

Comm. Severino thanked Chairperson McDonald for her previous communications with him regarding the Study. He also requested documentation regarding the four objections to the Study. Chairperson McDonald stated the documentation should be mailed to the members of this Committee as well as the comparisons.

Mr. Ambrose stated he thought the UAW received the agenda packets from this Committee on a regular basis. Mr. Grey stated he used to receive the packets. Chairperson McDonald suggested that the Union request to be placed on the mailing list. The Union should have addressed this matter when they stopped receiving the packets. Agenda packets are mailed to anyone who requests same. Ms. Bennett stated she will check the mailing list on Wednesday.

Mr. Ambrose explained that it was Mr. Rye's recommendation to consider using 8 counties instead of 12. The Steering Committee accepted Mr. Rye's recommendation. He requested that Mr. Rye provide an explanation of his recommendation at the next meeting. Mr. Ambrose also explained that the agenda packet is available on the County's Website. This is the first time the Committee has heard the Union has not been receiving the agenda packets.

e. Resolution Setting Compensation for Certain Full-Time Elected Officials

Mr. Ambrose explained that this matter is based on the job Study addressed in the previous item. Three reasons exist for recommending adjustments to the County-wide elected officials. The first reason dealt with compensating the elected officials in the same manner as other County management personnel. Second, the elected officials will be compensated at a level comparable to like counties. The third reason is to compensate the officials at a higher level than the chief deputies. Mr. Rye was requested to obtain the salary data in the same manner as other County management personnel. He was also requested to recommend salary levels for County-wide elected officials by using the same comparison to the labor market as used for other County management personnel. The recommendations, which are based on 1999 data, were increased by three percent for each year to reach the salary level for 2001. The recommendations will be implemented in two steps. The first step would adjust the elected official's salaries effective July 1, 2000 by no more than 6%. Step two would adjust the salaries at the amount necessary to reach the recommendation effective January 1, 2001.

Comm. Pratt stated he would be more comfortable voting on this item when the Committee votes on the previous agenda item.

In response to Comm. Severino's question regarding the Chief Deputy position, Mr. Ambrose explained this Resolution would establish the County-wide elected officials' salaries. The adjustments will assure that the elected officials are receiving a higher salary than their Chief Deputies. The Committee continued their discussion of this issue.

The Committee will act on this Resolution at the next scheduled meeting.

7. Purchasing & Properties Department

a. Resolution to Approve the Disposal of Surplus Owned Property

In response to Comm. Lynch, Mr. Earley explained that the computers are not compatible with the current operating systems. It is easier and cleaner to dispose of the computers at an auction.


b. Resolution to Extend a Contract with US Office

Chairperson McDonald stated the Resolution was amended to indicate the contract is for a period of one year. Comm. Lynch stated he would like contracts to be bid out on a normal basis. Mr. Ambrose explained this contract will be rebid next year.


9. Controller's Office - Overnight Travel - John Neilsen, Deputy Controller

The information was accepted and placed on file.

Mr. Ambrose stated that every one of the UAW employees knew when the Study was placed in the individual offices. The idea that the employees were not aware of the Study is not correct. Agenda packets are available to the Union employees. Chairperson McDonald stated that the Steering Committee did not receive any communications from the employees regarding their concerns of the Study. The Committee held a brief discussion regarding the Study.

Comm. Pratt stated item 8a should be placed on the next agenda. Comm. Schafer should be notified regarding this matter.

In response to Comm. Pratt, Mr. Ambrose stated copies of item 8g were sent to the Convention & Visitors Bureau and to the Arts Council.


Mr. Ambrose informed the Committee that Bobby Whitbeck, Purchasing & Properties, will be leaving the County. She will be moving to North Carolina. Ken Pierce will be retiring in August of this year. The Controller's Office will be reviewing the organization of the Purchasing & Properties Department.

Public comment: None

The meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Debra Neff