Mission Statement


An open, participatory government working to assure a safe, secure, healthy community where all individuals
are enabled and encouraged to seek their highest potential. Ingham County is committed to assuring the
identification and provision of services most important to its citizens in the achievement of its vision. County
services will be high quality, cost effective, and easily accessible; to be delivered in cooperation and collaboration
with its citizens and other community and governmental organizations. These will be delivered by a highly
motivated, well-trained, service-oriented workforce, utilizing effective technology and guided by the highest
ethical standards.

Long Term Objectives:

  • Enhanced Access to County Records
  • Providing Suitable Roads and Drains
  • Providing Recreational Opportunities
  • Fostering Economic Well-Being
  • Promoting Environmental Protection and Smart Growth
  • Preventing and Controlling Disease
  • Promotiing Accessible Health Care
  • Assisting in Meeting Basic Needs
  • Fostering Appropriate Youth Development
  • Supporting Public Safety
  • Assuring Judicial Processing
  • Providing Appropriate Sanctions for Adult Offenders
  • Providing Appropriate Treatment and Sanctions for At-Risk Juvenles
By Means of:

  • An Educated and Participating Citizenry
  • An Ongoing Capacity of Intergovernmental Collaboration
  • A Quality Workforce
  • Cost-effective Delivery of County Services
  • Maximum Use of Techoloogy