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Ingham County Adopts Policy on Complete Streets

At their July 25, 2017 meeting, the Ingham County Board of Commissioners adopted a Complete Streets Policy. “Complete streets is a model for all types of road users, not just bikes, but pedestrians of all abilities and public transit. Complete streets designs establish a higher quality of life that helps to attract and retain talented individuals and families within our communities and helps to increase property values,” said Commissioner Ryan Sebolt, Chairperson of the Special Committee on Complete Streets, adding “complete streets is not just a recreational and safety issue, but an economic issue as well, providing transportation options affords opportunities to those at risk of being left out of the economy.”

“Allowing for more transportation options for pedestrian and non-motorized traffic encourages healthy, active living, reduces traffic congestion and dependence on fossil fuels, resulting in improved safety and quality of life for residents of Ingham County” Commissioner Victor Celentino, Chairperson, County Services Committee stated. “The Special Committee on Complete Streets was established per the recommendation of the County Services Committee to determine the need for an Ingham County policy on complete streets for County roads that would also be beneficial to the local municipalities that currently have complete street ordinances in place.” The committee was chaired by Commissioner Ryan Sebolt and also included Commissioners Teri Banas, Carol Koenig, Randy Maiville, Brian McGrain and Deb Nolan.

The Complete Streets Policy will provide a context for the Ingham County Road Department when working with communities seeking safe, convenient, and comfortable routes for multiple modes of transportation including walking, bicycling, personal vehicles and public transportation.

The Road Department will incorporate local complete streets policies into County road projects approaching each transportation project and program as an opportunity to improve public and private streets and the transportation network for all users when working with municipalities who have adopted complete streets ordinances.

Importance will be placed on complete streets infrastructure when projects are near public facilities including, schools, government facilities, libraries, public health facilities, parks and hospitals. Consideration will also be given to projects that will serve traditionally underserved or marginalized populations
Ingham County Adopts Policy on Complete Streets