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Board to Continue Virtual Meetings

The Board of Commissioners meetings will continue to be held virtually in accordance with Public Act 2020-228 regarding the Open Meetings Act and a State of Emergency declared by the Board of Commissioners.   Liaison Committee meetings of the Board will also meet virtually.   

Ingham County’s declaration applies to public bodies that “usually hold” their meetings in the affected area (e.g. Ingham County geographic area). The public body should state the basis for the virtual meeting under applicable Emergency Order and then identify where each member is participating from.

Any person who wishes to contact members of the Board of Commissioners and/or to provide input or ask questions on any business coming before the board, may do so by calling or e-mailing the Ingham County Board of Commissioners Office Director, Becky Bennett, prior to the meeting. 

Contact information can be found on the County website at:

Board to Continue Virtual Meetings